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Build TMX now!

I am sponsoring an important E-petition—and need your help. It’s urgent. It’s only 3 days away from the May 31 st deadline set by Kinder Morgan for the Liberal Government to provide certainty or a path forward for the Trans Mountain Expansion.

The Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and the Natural Resource Minister, promised to introduce legislation that would reassert the federal government’s jurisdiction over the project, but they failed to do so.

I’m sponsoring Bill S-245, proposed by Senator Doug Black and passed by the Senate on May 22 nd , 2018. I introduced it in the House of Commons on May 24 th , 2018, and repeatedly ask for consent to debate, study, and vote on it expeditiously. Petition E-
1703 calls on the Federal government to work together with the Opposition to expedite the passing of Bill S-245 as quickly as possible, to declare the Trans Mountain Expansion and related works to be for the general advantage of Canada. The measures proposed in S-245 used more than 400 times to enable major, approved infrastructure like bridges, railways and high ways. Bill S 245 will immediately and clearly exert federal jurisdiction over everything related to the federally approved, interprovincial Trans Mountain Expansion’s construction and operations, including all local roads, bridges, power connections, the terminal, and its ongoing operation and maintenance.

Please sign the petition, and share it on social media with everyone and anyone you know who’s livelihood depends on Canada’s oil and gas sector. If you can even identify ten people who can sign and share it, that will send a strong message!