About Petition e215 (Oil and gas exploration)

  • Much of Canada’s economy comes from oil and gas exploration, extraction, transport, upgrading, refining and processing;
  • Hundreds of thousands of Canadians work directly in the oil and gas sector;
  • Millions more benefit from the jobs and profits created by oil and gas development;
  • Canadian governments collect $17 billion dollars annually from the oil and gas industry which is used to fund essential government programs and services;
  • Canada is a world leader in the responsible development of its oil and gas resources; and
  • The oil and gas industry is under attack from misinformed critics, while 100,000 workers are without jobs.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to honour the tremendous contribution of oil and gas workers and the oil and gas industry through recognizing the 70th Anniversary of the discovery of oil at Leduc #1, and by declaring February 13th 2017 as Oil and Gas Awareness Day.

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